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Trial of Telephone Triage Posted on 10 Jul 2019

Trial of Telephone Triage –


We are here to improve access to help you.

As you are aware from 1st July we are trialling Telephone Triage is a process by which the patient appointment system is managed in a GP practice by the Doctor.

This is a trial and any new appointment system will have issues when first implemented. 

We are asking for your support and patience throughtout this trial process and not abuse.


Is it to stop me getting an appointment?
No, not at all –It is to ensure that all the patients that need to be seen are seen by an appropriate health care professional. It is also a tool for which a telephone consultation can be used to appropriately manage patient’s concerns even if an appointment is not required.

How does it work?
This may be appropriate in cases when patients wish to discuss blood results, hospital letters or X ray/scan results. However if the patient needs to come in then an appointment will be made with the appropriate healthcare professional be it a GP, Practice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant.

Any patient who requests a Doctor’s appointment will receive a phone call from the Doctor. The doctor, after speaking to patients decides to either bring them in to an emergency clinic set up precisely for that purpose on the day or book them in to be seen on another day. However the problem may also be dealt with appropriately in another way. (E.g. blood test arranged, referral completed, appointment with Practice Nurse arranged or prescription query discussed) this system has been used successfully for several years now in many GP surgeries.

It has been shown in other practices that this process significantly improves access.

Why is the Practice doing it?

To improve access. There were over 37 hours of wasted appointments during May/June where patients did not turn up for their appointments.

To optimise GP appointments. With an ever developing workforce less complicated needs can be dealt with by other members of the health care team.

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