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Welcome to Spring Hill Medical Centre

Stay Well This Winter

If you need to cancel your appointment within 24 hours please email:


Level 3: Heatwave Alert issued by Met Office

Public Health England in line with the Met Office for the West Midlands who has issued a Level 3 Heatwave Alert remains in the forecast for much of the UK. Although temperatures won’t be quite as hot as last week, they will continue to remain well above average and it will remain largely dry.

Heatwaves can prove fatal, particularly at the start of periods of very hot weather and among certain at-risk groups, such as those with cardiac, respiratory and other chronic illnesses, frail and older people, young children, babies and vulnerable adults (including those with learning and/or physical disabilities, severe mental health problems, Alzheimer’s dementia, alcohol and drug addictions and the homeless).

People on certain types of medication can also be more at risk. The national heatwave plan and other useful resources can be found at:


Click here for more information on coping with a heatwave

Hot Weather & Your Heart

Summer is definitely here, and while many of us have been longing for the hot weather, it's still important to look after yourself in the heat.

How does hot weather affect my heart?

When the weather is hot you sweat to cool down, but this means that you lose more fluid than usual from your body. This can drop your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. This is not a problem for most people as long as they drink plenty of fluids, like water or other sugar-free drinks to keep from getting dehydrated.

  • Avoid drinking too many alcoholic or caffeinated drinks. Caffeine-based drinks can cause you to lose more fluid from your body.
  • Eat cold foods, particularly salads and fruit with a high water content.
  • Make sure your home is cool when you're staying indoors.
  • Wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes.
  • Stay out of the heat in the hottest part of the day between 11am and 3pm. If you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat

However, if you have a heart problem, extreme heat may place an extra burden on your heart and circulation, so its particularly important to stay cool and look after yourself.

Most chest pain isn't a sign of anything serious but you should get medical advice just in case. Get immediate medical help if you think you're having a heart attack.

Call 999 if you have sudden chest pain that:

  1. spreads to your arms, back, neck or jaw
  2. makes your chest feel tight or heavy
  3. also started with shortness of breath, sweating and feeling or being sick

Two Way Text Messaging Service

Ahead of the launch of our Two Way Text Messaging Service, please confirm with the surgery if you are happy to be contacted in this way.
If so, we will need to ensure we have your most up to date mobile telephone number.

Notice to patients: 21st May 2018 Galley Common premises will be open from 8.30am Monday to Friday.


When the surgery is closed, from 18.30 (Monday - Friday) please call NHS 111 on the telephone number 111. The surgery is closed on Saturdays and Sundays so if you require medical assistance on the weekend please call 111.

If you have a medical emergency when the surgery is closed (after 18.30 Monday to Friday, and throughout the weekend) please call 999, on the telephone number 999.

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
The MBE for volunteer groups

The Queen’s Award for voluntary Service is an annual award made to recognise and reward excellence in voluntary activities carried out by groups in the community.

Groups must be nominated for example, by beneficiaries of their work, members of the public, representatives of public bodies, or other voluntary groups. Nominations are assessed by a regional committee before being passed to a national committee for final selection and recommendation to The Queen.

Click here to find out more.


Spring Hill Medical Centre is a semi-rural teaching practice,covering Fillongley, Arley, Galley Common and all of the Nuneaton area, with a 10,200 patient list.  The practice prides itself on delivering excellent patient care, with continuous focus on quality whilst offering a wide range of enhanced services. 

If you do not drive, click here for bus routes which operate for our surgeries.


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Information from the Care Quality Commission

Our practice is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.

This widget provides a summary of the results of the latest checks carried out by the CQC.




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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! D B Devall Funeral Directors Ltd Jennifer Glover Chartered Clinical Psychologist Amethyst Hypnotherapy Are you paying too much? Jelly Beans Nurture Nursery
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